Central Park Movie Scenes Bike Tour

In 1908 Victagraph Studios produced the first film version of Romeo and Juliet made in America.  That film also holds the distinction of being the very first to be filmed in New York City‘s Central Park.  Since then more than 300 films have been shot in Central Park, making it the most filmed location in the world.  If you’re a movie fan you’ve noticed countless other films featuring aerial scenes of the park.

How fun would it be to ride around Central Park with someone who could point out to you the locations of scenes from some of your favorite films, like I am Legend, 27 Dresses, Serendipity, and Sweet Home Alabama?

Central Park Movie Scenes Guided Bike TourIt would be very fun!  And you can do just that.  On this two hour Central Park Movie Scenes Guided Bike Tour, your guide will be a New York City actor or actress who is personable, and ready to take you to some of the famous movie set sites in and around the park.

See if you can find the location of any of your favorite scenes from Spiderman 3, Eat Pray Love or Night at the Museum as your pedal your way around this famous park.


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