Mackinac Island Festival of the Horse

Mackinac Island and Horses go hand in hoof.  This special place where there are about 600 permanent human residents, has 300 permanent equine residents. And every year the island hosts a festival in celebration of this favorite four legged companion.  The weekend of August 8, 9, 2014 is the sixth annual Mackinac Island Festival of the Horse.

With motorized vehicles banned on this island in Lake Huron, the role of the horse is a vital one.  Horse-drawn carriages and saddle horses are the transportation of choice and contribute largely to the character of the island.

Mackinac Island Carriage ToursThe weekend events include tours of the historic Victorian-era barns at the prestigious West Bluff, a grand parade of carriages and saddle horses through downtown and in front of the Grand Hotel, and the Breeds of Mackinac presentation where you’ll learn about breeds from the majestic Freesian, to the American Paint.

Enjoy the musical freestyle equestrian performance, cocktail party, and plenty of activities and food you’d expect at a festival, including free kid fun, with bounce houses and horse themed games.

Mackinac is always alive with hoofbeats, but for one weekend in August its all about the horses.

2 thoughts on “Mackinac Island Festival of the Horse

  1. A trip to Mackinac Island is always special! I love that there are no cars and you are free to enjoy the beautiful natural sights and sounds of northern Michigan.

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