Fascinating Day Trips from Orlando Florida

Planning to spend a week in sunny Orlando Florida?  No doubt Walt Disney World is at the top of your itinerary.  Coming in at a close second, SeaWorld and Aquatica.  It would be unthinkable to miss these stupendous theme parks.  If you find yourself with a few days to spare in this beautiful Sunbelt city we have some ideas for you.

Spend a day with the manatees.  Start with a leisurely cruise on the pristine Crystal River while your tour guide provides details about the population of these gentle creatures.  After learning more about these magnificent ‘sea cows’ you’ll be anxious to don your snorkeling gear and swim above looking into their habitat, and dive in and swim amongst the friendly marine animals as they graze in the shallow waters.  Yes, you can actually swim with the manatees.  Then after some lunch head to Homosassa State Park and enjoy the floating observatory.

Nearby Winter Park boasts more park space than any Florida city and its home to the Morse Museum of American Art where you’ll find the world’s largest collection of Tiffany Glass, and see leaded glass panels created by Frank Lloyd Wright.  The historic Olde Winter Park is a delight to the senses with its winding brick streets and canopy of live oaks and camphor trees draped with Spanish moss.  For a hike through wondrous landscapes teeming with birds and butterflies the Mead Botanical Garden cannot be beat.  Enjoy a picnic amidst the natural beauty, or try to find some of the areas geocaches.

Just a short drive from downtown Orlando takes you to Clermont and the Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards.  The largest winery in Florida offers complimentary tours of their facility complete with the opportunity to taste some of their wines.  The view from the balcony overlooking 80 acres of vineyards is ultimately as savory as their award winning wines.

It will feel like a vacation within a vacation when you include some or all of these ideas in your Orlando vacation!

6 thoughts on “Fascinating Day Trips from Orlando Florida

  1. I haven’t really ever had a want to go to Orlando, but seeing the I would be able to swim with marine life makes me want to go. I love swimming and love sea/water creatures. This would be an amazing adventure to me.

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