Southern Belles and Whistles

Crucial to the outcome of the US Civil war, the fall of the City of Atlanta into Union hands during the Battle of Jonesboro, is an epic turning point in American History, and a focal point of study for many ‘civil-war buffs.’  The rich history of Atlanta has been much romanticized especially in Margaret Mitchell’s novel and the time-honored classic movie, Gone With the Wind.

Learn more about the Battle of Jonesboro, why it was chosen as the setting for Gone With the Wind, and hear captivating stories about the historic homes on The Southern Belles and Whistles Tour.  Covering more than 100 years of history and heritage, you’ll follow the path of brave men and Southern Belles on this historical journey.

Southern Belles and Whistles TourStops on the tour include the Road to Tara Museum, Clayton County Jail & History Center, and the Patrick R. Cleburne Memorial Confederate Cemetery, where many of the fallen soldiers from the final battle of the Atlanta Campaign find their final resting place.

You’ll also drive by Warren House, which served as a military hospital, the iconic intersection of Scarlett Dr. and Rhett Butler Dr., Ashley Oaks Mansion, and Stately Oaks Plantation.

A historical, educational journey, and a wonderful way to spend a day of your Atlanta vacation package.

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