Mount Vernon and Old Alexandria Tour

The Mount Vernon and Old Town Alexandria Tour guides you through some of the best sights and experiences that Washington DC has to offer, and unveils the history of this region through the eyes of its most distinguished citizen, George Washington.

The tour first guides you through George Washington’s stately home, the outbuildings, slave quarters, kitchen, and greenhouse, and even invites you to saunter through the four exquisite gardens. Outdoor enthusiasts can also venture onto the Forest Trail, which boasts of some of the most picturesque views the state has to offer, while the four-acre working farm, aptly named the George Washington: Pioneer Farmer Site, takes you on a walk down memory lane with a meticulously detailed recreation of Washington’s 16-sided trading barn.

Mount Vernon and Old Town Alexandria TourSteeped in nostalgia and lush natural beauty, the tour offers you a refreshing getaway from the humdrum of everyday urban life. From here, you are then led to the Christ Church at North Washington Street, which is as fabled for its intricate décor, as it is for its legacy as the oldest Episcopal congregation in Alexandria. Built in 1773, the edifice has been designed by James Wren, and reflects the opulent grandiose of the classic Colonial Georgian style. You can also view the elaborately detailed interiors of the church, when service is not in session. And if that isn’t breathtaking enough, the coach ride is also interspersed with fabulous views of significant landmarks like Old Town Alexandria, Fort Washington and the Pentagon!

One thought on “Mount Vernon and Old Alexandria Tour

  1. This would be absolutely wonderful for my children!!! Just enough to help them with the history of our country. Perfect…..

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