Catch Some Fun Deep Sea Fishing

While you’re spending time in Anaheim, plan to spend a day on the water deep-sea fishing and reel in some bragging rights.

Avid fishermen will love the chance to land some trophy-worthy Sand Bass, Tuna or Halibut. But even the inexperienced will be fishing like pros in no time with the help from your captain and crew from Davey’s Locker.

The crew knows the waters, and will take you where the fish are biting. Maybe Catalina Island, San Clemente Island, or offshore. This Anaheim Deep Sea Fishing Charter provides all the proper gear, and as much help as you require to catch a boat-load of Red Snapper, Yellowtail, and Calico Bass. If you plan to keep your haul, the expert crew will clean and filet your fish for a fee. Or if you’re just in it for sport, you can catch-and-release to your heart’s content.

From the novice to the experienced angler, everyone will have a great day at sea, and catch loads of memories.

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