The Adventures of Marco Polo

Who hasn’t been poolside and heard splashing, happy kids hollering, “Marco” And the responding, “Polo” Most of us probably know a little of the story of the famous explorer Marco Polo, whose epic journeys became the material for a much-loved book, and ultimately the inspiration of another well-known explorer, Christopher Columbus.
But have you ever considered just how epic that tale truly is? Imagine embarking on a journey at the tender age of 17, arriving at your destination three years later, and not returning to your homeland for 24 years. Envision the vast cultural differences between 13th Century Venice and China during the Yuan Dynasty.

The Adventures of Marco PoloAdventures of Marco Polo are brought to the stage in a magnificent production created specifically for Branson. In grandiose fashion, the saga is presented through dance by a cast of more than 50 International performers, who speak no lines throughout the production. Extraordinary lavish costumes, illusions, acrobats and state of the art LED screens whisk you away to the lands of his travels in a larger-than-life fashion.Adventures of Marco Polo

The Adventures of Marco Polo, a legendary tale of exploration and wonder, love and loss, will be performed at the White House Theater in Branson through December 13. Dinner is available with the show.

3 thoughts on “The Adventures of Marco Polo

  1. There are so many costume changes in this show, it keeps you wondering what will come out next, not to mention the amazing screen. It is truly a great show.

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