Plan a Romantic Weekend in Lake Tahoe

There’s nothing quite like a romantic weekend with your significant other.  Dinner, dancing, maybe a panoramic vista.

The Tahoe Queen Emerald Bay Dinner Cruise offers 2.5 hours of dining, dancing and sightseeing for a unique experience that can offer a little of everything to visitors. You’ll enjoy a delectable buffet dinner on the cruise, but, of course, dining is only one aspect of the night. For those that would like a slightly more intimate experience, you’ll also have the option to take to the deck of the ship and simply admire the beautiful scenery of Lake Tahoe.

Tahoe QueenWith two nights of lodging included, you will have time to explore the other attractions that the Lake Tahoe area has to offer. For a wonderful romantic getaway in the Lake Tahoe area, book the Two Night Lake Tahoe Romantic Getaway today!

3 thoughts on “Plan a Romantic Weekend in Lake Tahoe

  1. I actually want to go on this so badly. I love the feel of being on a boat and just moving and bouncing with the water. It is so relaxing to me. On top of that, I feel like this is very romantic. I know that it doesn’t exactly look like it, but this boat reminds me of the beginning of the movie of Parent Trap. I thought that was a very sweet beginning and have always wanted to go on a romantic cruise or boat ride with my significant other. This is be almost perfect.

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