Wonderworks – Interactive Amusement

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be in a hurricane?  Or an earthquake?  Or maybe you’ve always wanted to be an astronaut, or a soldier, or professional athlete.

Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge has over 100 mind-blowing interactive exhibits so you can do all that and more.  Experience a Tesla Coil, or try resting on a bed of nails.  Enter the Hurricane Shack to experience category 1 hurricane winds.  Earthquake Cafe lets you relive the 1989 San Francisco quake.

Wonderworks If you’re up for a physical challenge, see how you measure up against professional athletes, or climb the rock wall.  You can ‘land a space shuttle’ and test your survivor instincts and skills in a virtual battlefield.

Experience some of our favorite toys in larger-than-life versions.  Create bubbles big enough to stand in, or design pictures on the giant lite-brite.  Maybe you’ll create beautiful music jumping from key to key on the giant piano.

Incredible illusions, light and sound experiences, and Mind Ball, a challenging bio-feedback game, a ropes challenge course, magician performance, and so much more to see and do.Wonderworks

An amazing amusement park for the mind, Wonderworks will bring out the kid in everyone.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

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