Shipwreck Museum and Light Station Tour

Just an hour from Mackinac Island on the shore of Lake Superior you’ll find the Great Lakes Shipwreck Coast Museum and the Whitefish Point Light Station, filled with artifacts from the historic shipwrecks and the bygone days of maritime transport on the Great Lakes.

The museum’s gallery is a testament to the sailors, ships, and history of our maritime heritage.  View artifacts from the wreckage of famous ships such as The Comet; a steamship that sank in 1875 carrying 70 tons of Montana silver ore, The Sagamore; a whaleback barge which was rammed by a steamer in the fog in 1901, and whose wreckage is part of an under-water museum, and  the Edmund Fitzgerald, immortalized in song by Gordon Lightfoot.Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum & Whitefish Point Light Station

You can also tour the Whitefish Point Light Station, where the Whitefish Point Light Tower has remained in continuous operation for more than 165 years.  From its early days, operating on whale oil, to its modern use of LED.  See the Lighthouse Keeper’s Quarters and the Coast Guard Crew Quarters – all restored to turn-of-the-century appearance.

Journey through this fascinating maritime history as a day-trip from Mackinac Island!

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