A Patriotic 4th in Washington DC

Can you imagine a more patriotic way to spend the Fourth of July, than celebrating Independence right in our Nation’s Capitol?

Neither can we.

One of the biggest events in America, The 4th of July in Washington DC brings people together in celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  The sparks ignited by our forefathers have grown to the patriotic Washington DC fireworksexplosion of the fireworks we all love and recognize as a spectacular finale to this holiday of freedom.  Across the country citizens show their appreciation and patriotism with the raising of flags, but in Washington DC its done in epic proportion.  Be a part of this national community and join in honoring the members of our armed forces, past and present.

While you’re in town take advantage of Vacations Made Easy’s DC in a Day tour and see famous attractions such as the FBI building, Federal Triangle, and the Supreme Court.  Stop in at Washington DC fireworksFord’s Theatre, the US Capitol, National Air and Space Museum, and much more.  In all, you’ll see or visit 25 of the most popular DC attractions!  Our Washington DC Weekend  Getaway includes two nights lodging at your choice of more than 90 locations, and the DC in a Day Tour.

Schedule your most unforgettable Fourth of July in Washington DC and get ready to celebrate.

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