The Duck that Doesn’t Quack

It doesn’t walk like a duck, or quack like a duck, but it is called a duck, and you’ll have a fantastical good time when you tour the Wisconsin Dells area aboard the Original Wisconsin Ducks.

So what exactly is a ‘duck?’  Its an all terrain vehicle like no other.  These awesome 6-wheel drive amphibious trucks were originally designed for use in WWII to ferry troops and supplies from ship to shore.  They are now in use as the ultimate tour vehicle to travel over any terrain, and even into the water!

Wisconsin Ducks Sightseeing CruiseOn your one hour tour you’ll go through narrow canyons, a fern glen with dozens of varieties of ferns, right into the Wisconsin River lined with amazing rock formations.  Your knowledgeable tour guide will regale you with tales of history and legend of the area with stories of Indians, civil war and some folk lore.  The ride takes you over an enormous sand bar, past a lily-pad pond conservation area where you are likely to observe abundant wildlife, and right into Lake Delton.

The Wisconsin Ducks Sightseeing Cruise is Part roller-coaster ride, part boat cruise, part scenic panoramas, part history lesson, and all an awesome adventure.

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