The Belle Meade Plantation and Winery

A tour of the spectacular Belle Meade Plantation, near Nashville, is like a journey back in time.

The splendor of this Greek Revival Style Mansion is unmatched, and it is beautifully furnished with period fixtures and furnishings.  Led by a knowledgeable, period-costumed tour guide you are transported to a time of carriages and Southern hospitality.

belle meade plantationMuch of the plantations success was due to their magnificent breeding of champion Thoroughbred horses, with such famous names as Secretariat and Sea Biscuit tracing lineage to the farm.  The tour will take you through the grand stables, and carriage house on the immaculate estate.

The final stop on your tour is the ambience-rich wine tasting room, where you can sample a selection of wines created at the plantation’s winery.   Historically the plantation did keep vineyards for wine production, however their current vineyard is about 45 miles from the estate and produces a variety of grapes including Muscadine, and Vidal Blanc.  You are belle meade plantationwelcome to purchase wine to take home and there is a wine garden available for visitors who wish to purchase a bottle of wine to enjoy on the premises.  The winery operates as a non-profit, with the proceeds going to Belle Meade Plantation for education and preservation.

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