Bike and Paraglide in LA

Most people know that ‘Los Angeles’ means ‘the angels.’  But did you know the full name of the city is “El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncula?” Which means ‘The Town of Our Lady, the Queen of the Angels,’ and is quite a mouthful.

Ironically, we call it simply ‘LA.’

In the same fashion, there are so many places to see and so much to do when visiting LA, it can be a time consuming, complicated process to plan your vacation.  Simplify your scheduling with Vacations Made Easy’s LAvacation packages.  We have many options available from romantic get-aways to fun-filled family vacations.  And for the sight-seeing adventurers we have the LA Tour Package.

Experience new adventures on a three-night stay with breathtaking scenery on an electric bicycle tour of Santa Monica and Venice Beach, and a bird’s-eye view of the Pacific Ocean and Malibu Hills while tandem paragliding in Malibu.

Cruise locations unattainable by car or bus on the electric bicycle tour of Santa Monica and Venice Beach. On this unique and fun activity, a simple flick of a switch on your Pedego beach cruiser enables you to stop pedaling and keep moving. Ride along Santa Monica’s world-famous beach to Marion Davies Guesthouse, past the Santa Monica Pier and through Venice, all the while enjoying a story-telling guide with knowledge of the local art, architecture and history of the area, while you enjoy the warm sun and cool ocean breezes.LA

A highly experienced, certified paragliding instructor accompanies you on your flight over the Pacific Ocean and Malibu Hills. Depending on weather conditions, your experience is about 25-30 minutes for a non-powered flight and 15 minutes for a powered flight. Enjoy an astonishing, unique bird’s-eye view of the spectacular area.
A smooth, electric bicycle ride along a famous beach and a tandem paraglide high above the ocean are fascinating additions to your trip. You cannot go wrong if you love fresh air, the outdoors and new, exhilarating activities.

Make your trip to Los Angeles amazing with the Los Angeles tour package.

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