A Patriotic Fourth of July in Colonial Williamsburg

Independence Day is right around the corner.  And few places throughout the nation offer a more patriotic, authentic view of our nation’s past than Colonial Williamsburg, making it the perfect destination for your Fourth of July this year.

The land is packed with a powerful history of some of America’s original settlements, and it also holds a recorded past of the Revolution, including Yorktown, the site of the final battle of the Revolutionary War.

Colonial WilliamsburgColonial Williamsburg educates visitors about America’s forefathers’ struggle to overcome British rule and make a home for themselves on foreign land, and visitors are sure to be aware of the intense, historical significance of the area, particularly on this special day. Highlights throughout the day include cannon salutes, drum processions and a spectacular fireworks display!

Make a week of it and enjoy more of the activities and attractions Williamsburg has to offer, like Busch Gardens or Water Country USA.  A week in Williamsburg will be a vacation to remember.Colonial Williamsburg

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