Tour the Gibson Guitar Factory in Memphis

If you love guitars (and who doesn’t?) You probably really love Gibson Guitars.  And if you really love Gibson Guitars, you should see them being made.

The Gibson Guitar Factory in Memphis will walk you through the process as they create their laminate semi-hollow bodied guitars.  Don’t let the glamorous lobby fool you, behind the glitz you’ll find old-fashioned, hands-on craftsmanship, and a deep pride and respect for the historical significance of these iconic guitars.  See crafters using some of the same tools that were in use 50 years ago.  And there’s a bit of high-tech thrown in for good measuGibson Guitar Factoryre.  Really good measure.  The Plek machine ensures precision of tension, fret placement and string spacing.

Gibson has been the preferred guitar of numerous music legends, from Elvis Presley to Jimi Hendrix, to the current up-and-comers.  After touring the factory, you’ll find a deeper love and appreciation for Gibson Guitars.  And if you don’t
have one waiting at home for you, perhaps you’ll find one to make your own!Gibson Guitar Factory

Vacations Made Easy offers a Memphis Gibson Guitar Vacation Getaway, which includes admission to the factory, and three nights lodging.  You’ll have time to visit a few other Memphis hot spots while you’re there.

One thought on “Tour the Gibson Guitar Factory in Memphis

  1. My dad would love this! I will definitely have to take my dad and little brother here sometime, they’re both musicians who are all about their guitars haha!

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