Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Are you looking for something exciting and adventurous to do this summer?  One of those amazing experiences that you’ll remember vividly, and enthrall friends with the stories for years?  We have just what you’re looking for.  Vacations Made Easy has three great flying experiences from which to choose and include on the itinerary for your next San Diego trip.

Cadet Flight
Live out your dreams with the Learn to Fly Discovery Flight as you take the controls of an actual Varga VG-21, and take to the skies. Even if you have absolutely no flight experience, it won’t matter! The planes are set with a dual cockpit so if you do ever find yourself in trouble your knowledgeable guide will be right there to take the controls. An exciting addition to any vacation, and a great present for flight enthusiasts, the Learn To Fly Discovery Flight is an experience of a lifetime.

You’ll be given a pre-flight briefing and introduction to the plane, and then you’ll take off into the wild blue skies to experience the freedom of flight from the Montgomery Field. Your pilot will even allow you to land, as long as you’re up for it. These planes have excellent turning and maneuverability, so you’ll have no problem exploring the skies off of the San Diego harbor. Whether you’ll be visiting San Diego on vacation or simply to take part in this flight, you’re sure to leave with memories to last a lifetime.

1920's Open Cockpit Biplane Flight1920’s Open Cockpit Biplane Flight
Return to a romantic era of flight as you are taken on a spectacular ride aboard a 1920’s biplane with this exciting 30 minute flight down the coast of California. A licensed pilot will take the controls at the rear, with space for one to two individuals in the front cockpit.

Feel the thrill of a 1920’s Open Cockpit Biplane Flight near San Diego, California.  You’ll have a choice between several flights for your chance to ride in a biplane, ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour.  From flights that are ideal for romance to flights that are more ideal for adventure seekers, you’ll have the option of a flight of your choice with the 1920’s Open Cockpit Biplane Flight.

Top Dog Air Combat FlightTop Dog
Your journey will take place from inside a Varga VG-21 as you take on a series of dog fights over the California coast. And the best part of the entire experience is you’ll have the opportunity to be completely hands-on!

An experienced pilot will be aboard with you and have the ability to take control over the plane at any time, but even if you have no previous flight experience you’ll be able to take a hold of the plane and live out your dog fight history. Whether you’ve dreamed of being a fighter pilot as a child or are just searching for a heart-pounding adventure, this is as close as most of us will ever get to experiencing aerial warfare.
Plan a trip with a buddy or battle a complete stranger, no matter how you experience Top Dog Air Combat you’re sure to experience the overwhelming reality of air combat in a safe environment.
The Top Dog Air Combat 1.5 Hour Experience, 30 Minute Flight is a memorable time you can have in the San Diego, CA area.  Whether you’ve flown previously or have no experience, you can still battle it out with your “target” during a 30-minute dog fight.

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