All Aboard the 1880 Train

The Monument at Mt. Rushmore is an engineering feat, a symbol of patriotism and an epic sculpture in which Americans take pride.  The Black Hills in South Dakota which are home to the massive presidential faces, are not only a gorgeous setting, but offer many exciting opportunities for family outings while you are visiting the area.

1880 TrainThe Black Hills area is beautiful and rich in both minerals and history.  The railroad played a crucial role in the mining history of the area, and you can experience an historic, scenic, unforgettable ride on a vintage steam powered train.

Possibly the most influential development of the American frontier was the railroad, and initially all the trains were pulled by steam engines.  In the late 1940’s diesel powered engines were fast replacing steam.  Thankfully, there was a group of people who felt this era in locomotion should be preserved, and they created the 1880 Railroad, where you can still experience steam locomotive ride.1880 Train

There’s nothing like the sound of the whistle from the steam engine, and the call of the conductor, “All Aboard!”  Then you wind through the Black Hills stunning scenery and past historic mining towns,  mines, camps and mills, and learn about the area’s past production of abundant natural resources; lumber, tin, tungsten, mica, tourmaline, and feldspar.

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