Challenge Accepted? – Eating Big in Vegas

It has been said “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” and we’re gambling that it is true of calories consumed there as well.

Many of the restaurants along the Las Vegas strip offer food challenges.  We’ve compiled a few of them for you to try on your next trip.

Eight Pound Burger Challenge
The Pub at Monte Carlo Resort
As the name suggests, your challenge is to consume this eight pound hamburger and the accompanying 32 ounce beer in 45 minutes.  If you succeed, the meal is free and you get a cap and tee-shirt.  The cost for failure is $50.

Texas Three Pound Burger Challenge
Tequila Bar at Bally’s
The goal is to finish three pounds angus beef, six slices of cheddar, 12 strips of bacon in just 30 minutes.  If you can do it, your picture will be posted on the wall of fame, you take home a tee-shirt and you aren’t charged for this $35 entree.

Big FoodsI Cant Drive $55 Nachos
Cabo Wabo at Planet Hollywood
The name says it all.  You and a friend can work together to complete the eight pound platter of nachos, with 20 toppings.  Do it in 55 minutes or less and its free.  If not, you guessed it, $55.

Four Pound Burrito Challenge
Diablo’s Cantina at Monte Carlo
Choose chicken, pork or beef to combine with cheese, beans and rice to make a four pound burrito.  The price is $40 if you can’t finish, but if you do, its free and you get a tee-shirt along with bragging rights.

Vacations Made Easy  has several Las Vegas vacation packages.  Our Weekend Getaway even comes with meals.  But you can still take on a food challenge on the Vegas strip.

We wont tell.


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