World Class Roller Coasters – Six Flags Magic Mountain

If roller coasters are your thing, Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles is the place for you.  Boasting 18 in all, Magic Mountain holds the world record for the most roller coasters in one theme park.

Speaking of world records, many of the parks coasters hold individual world records;  Tallest vertical drop ride, fastest, tallest and longest flying coaster, biggest pretzel loop, tallest and fastest stand-up coaster.  “Full Six Flags Magic MountainThrottle” has the world’s tallest vertical loop and is also the world’s fastest vertical looping coaster.   “Goliath” drops riders into a subterranean tunnel.  Dip and dive around the mountainous terrain on the park’s first roller coaster, “Gold Rusher.”

There is a coaster here for everyone, with old-school wooden coasters, and modern, floorless coaches suspended from overhead tracks.  You can even find junior coasters to delight younger thrill-seekers.  With thrill ratings from mild to maximum, spend a day trying them all to find your favorite.Six Flags Magic Mountain

Of course Magic Mountain provides guests with dozens of other thrill rides and attractions, live entertainment, and you are sure to find your favorite Looney Tunes characters roaming the park.

But if it’s extreme thrills you seek, Magic Mountain is packed with world-class coasters.


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