The Grand Canyon – Top to Bottom

To truly appreciate the majestic beauty of the Grand Canyon, you should see it from the air. You’ll marvel at steep sides of this natural wonder which stretches 277 miles across the US. At it’s widest the Canyon is 18 miles across, and reaches depths of more than a mile. Take in this awe-inspiring view from your seat, as you take off from the Canyon’s West rim on our Over The Edge Helicopter Tour.

Perhaps we should take a moment to give our thanks to the mighty Colorado River, for its persistent power carving its distinct course through American cultural history, and artfully designing the Grand Canyon for us.

Papillon Grand Canyon ToursYou can go down to the Canyon floor and do just that, when you add a pontoon cruise to your tour. Wind along the breathtaking beauty of the Colorado River for a view of the Canyon from the depths. Included in the Over the Edge Helicopter Tour and Pontoon Cruise, is BBQ lunch.

See the Grand Canyon from top to bottom this summer.

Happy Trails

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