Kids Love Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls – It’s not just for Honeymoons anymore.

In fact, Niagara is quickly becoming a sought after family vacation destination. Vacations Made Easy offers a great 4 night vacation package, with all the local attractions best loved by kids.

The Bird Kingdom Aviary is a jungle adventure where you’ll discover “ancient” ruins beneath the foliage, and free-flying birds from around the world complete the tropical expedition experience. A hands-on zoo, you can feed exotic birds, come face to face with a bearded dragon, even touch a snake, if you dare.

Niagara IMAXDo you know who was the first person to successfully go over the falls in a barrel? Believe it or not, it was 63 year old school teacher Annie Edson Taylor. Learn more about her and all the Falls Legends and Daredevils in the IMAX movie and museum.

Ride to the top of Skylon Tower for a breathtaking view that the kids wont stop talking about for months.

Our Kids Love Niagara Falls Vacation Package lets you choose from 58 hotels, and you’ll discover many local educational opportunities, from Three Sisters Islands, to the Village of Lewiston, the site of the very first battle of the War of 1812, and the final stop for slaves fleeing on the Underground Railroad. No doubt your kids will have plenty of ideas for the inevitable assignment, “what did you learn on your summer vacation?”

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