New Orleans History with a Twist

Next time you’re visiting New Orleans, plan to spend a couple hours walking in the French Quarter. Learn some fascinating history, with a twist….of lime. Take this guided New Orleans Walking Cocktail Tour, for a bit of education in the Big Easy.

This personal touNew Orleans Walking Tourr experience will take you through the beautiful architecture of the French Quarter. The entire district has been designated a National Historic Landmark. Visit famous establishments such as Antoine’s Restaurant, New Orleans’ oldest restaurant with 175 years of service and go behind the scenes when you visit their wine cellar. Learn the history of famous local concoctions like the Hand Grenade and Hurricane.
Each tour varies depending on availability, tour guides personal taste and the tour guests tastes. So every tour is a unique, one of a kind experience. Perhaps you’ll visit the birthplace of Southern Comfort, originally dubbed “Cuffs & Buttons,” by inventor M.W. Heron.New Orleans Walking Tour

Add this fun walking tour to a weekend in New Orleans. Vacations Made Easy has a New Orleans Weekend Getaway Package that includes two nights lodging, Audubon Insectarium Zoo and Aquarium, IMAX Theater and Garden District Walking Tour.


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