Food and Feud with the Hatfields and McCoys

Planning a family vacation can sometimes turn into a family feud. Mom wants a music show, Dad wants a comedy, the kids want to see stunts, and everybody is hungry! Suddenly your fun family vacation seems more like the Hatfields and McCoys.

Wait a minute. That’s the answer. The Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Feud Show in Pigeon Forge will bring your family together for laughs, music, surprises, and a feast. Its part hoe-down, part show-down, as you dine on all-you-can-eat southern country cookin’, and witness the Hatfields and the McCoys barn dance and brawl.

This dinner and shoHatfields and McCoysw will delight the whole family. With clogging, dueling banjos, action packed stunts, feats of strength, and lots of laughs. The “just like Granny makes” dinner includes Fried Chicken, Open Pit Pulled Pork BBQ, Taters, Corn on the Cob, and more.

The most fun “feud” you’ll ever experience, your family is going to leave full and happy.
Hatfields and McCoys

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