Longer Hours Equal More Fun at SeaWorld San Diego

Just as Daylight Savings Time provides us with longer days and more opportunities for adventure, SeaWorld’s Spring into Night gives visiting families more time to explore the park with extended hours  and nightly entertainment.

Starting March 31st and lasting until April 20th, Spring into Night at SeaWorld will allow families every possible opportunity to explore the 180-acre park at their leisure, as well as take advantage of some exciting nighttime shows! Families can ride the coasters by day and take in spectacular nighttime animal shows!

At the park, be sure to visit the following rides and attractions!

One Ocean: Journey with Shamu in the awe-inspiring show OneOcean, a multisensory celebration that entertains, educates and inspires.

Pets Rule!: This high-energy show will give you lots of laughs with an unlikely cast of characters that will delight and charm everyone in the family. You’ll see cats, dogs, birds, and even potbellied pigs!

Sea Lions Live: You’ll see SeaWorld’s resident sea lion comedy team of Clyde and Seamore as they put on some funny sketches for you. Sea Lion S.I., Sea Lion Idol, and more await your cheers and laughter.

Shipwreck Rapids: A raft ride that ventures into the shipwrecks of the deep with twist and turns. At one point riders pass through a live turtle exhibit. There is also a point where riders go underneath a waterfall and get extremely wet.

Turtle Reef: Features up to 60 sea turtles in an aquarium with a variety of fish and other creatures.

For more information about SeaWorld San Diego visit http://www.vacationsmadeeasy.com/SanDiegoCA/activity/SeaWorld.cfm

16 thoughts on “Longer Hours Equal More Fun at SeaWorld San Diego

  1. Always loved Sea World as a child! I was always so sad to have to leave and having more time is great!! Can’t wait to take my little ones for the adventure!

  2. I’ve been to the SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida and it was absolutely amazing! I would love to visit San Diego and go to SeaWorld while I’m there 🙂

  3. Way cool!I am in love with sea turtles. I would really like to see one in my lifetime. Thank goodness for the longer hours.

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