Memphis City Parks for a Change of Pace in the Home of the Blues

If you’re a nature or history lover heading to Memphis, make sure to stop by one of the many city parks while you’re there – you’ll be surprised by the amazing qualities that these little bursts of nature hold! Enjoy the historical aspects of Desoto Park, play in one of the largest parks in the U.S. in Shelby Farms Park, and pay your respects to the King himself at the Graceland Memorial Park!

Audubon Park

This park has a wide assortment of entertainment options for visitors of Memphis, including a golf course, play area, tennis courts, soccer field, and jogging/walking trails. This is the perfect place to take your family while you are in the city, and it is conveniently located near the University of Memphis and the Oak Court Mall.

Desoto Park

Originally built by the Native American inhabitants of early sixteenth-century Memphis, the Desoto Mounds are named after Hernando De Soto, the famous Spanish explorer who stormed through Memphis in his search for gold in 1541. Today, visitors can still view the somber relics, the Mounds which stand tall on the banks of the Mississippi River and allow a unique insight into one of Memphis’ first towns, dubbed Quiz-Quiz by Hernando De Soto. Although De Soto may have moved on in his quest for gold, the park still attracts thousands of visitors every year, who throng here to cherish the little-known aspect of Memphis’ legacy of tradition and culture.

Graceland Memorial Park

Located on the grounds of the Graceland Mansion Estates, this park offers a sentimental time of remembrance for fans of the legendary singer Elvis Presley and an intimate look into his personal life. The beautiful garden setting offers solace to fans, and it also serves as the resting place for the Presleys. At the heart of the park, visitors will find a column structure wrapping a sort of semi-circle around a flowing fountain with the graves of the Presleys surrounding the other half of the fountain’s diameter. If you plan on visiting Memphis soon, be sure to pay your respects to the King.

Shelby Farms Park

As one of the biggest urban parks in the United States, this park, with its 4.500 acres, is nearly five times larger than New York’s Central Park! Formerly home to a working farm, the park is now a recreational haven for Memphis and the surrounding communities. Visitors can enjoy a trail system ideal for walking, jogging, and mountain biking, and anglers and kayakers can enjoy Patriot Lake. Enjoy the 1,000-acre hardwood forests and hiking trails of Lucius Burch Natural Area, which offers plenty of opportunities for wildlife watching, and the area provides homes to hundreds of species of animals, including more than 200 species of birds.

Tom Lee Park

The perfect way to enjoy the natural beauty of Memphis, this park offers visitors a mile and a half stretch along the banks of the Mississippi River, and there are few places to go for a better view of this historical river. Throughout the year, the park also hosts a number of large-scale events, like barbecue contests and jazz festivals, perfect for a family atmosphere. The park is named after resident Tom Lee, who supposedly rowed a small boat through the currents of the Mississippi to save victims of a sinking steamboat, despite his inability to swim.

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