Check Out the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando

While you’re in Orlando, look for a unique way to spend your time with a visit to the Kennedy Space Center. Enjoy one of the exciting tours available, and get up close and personal with the launch pads and more. Take a guided tour through the center, and try some space ice cream. But no matter what you do, make sure you enjoy these awesome exhibits that opened this past summer of 2013.

Angry Birds Space Encounter

This adventure brings to life the space adventures of the famous birds as they follow their kidnapped eggs into an inter-galactic wormhole, come face-to-face with Space Pigs, and gear up with heroic superpowers! Images and sounds from the popular game set the tone for visitors of all ages as the encounter takes you through a vortex transporting them into a strange space universe.

Space Shuttle Atlantis

Take this adventure to experience the world’s most comprehensive attraction devoted to the space shuttle and come nose-to-nose with the priceless Atlantic spacecraft as only astronauts have seen it before – with the payload bay doors open. Guests can conduct a virtual extra-vehicular activity, practice docking to the ISS, extract cargo from the payload bay, create sonic booms, glide to a landing on the Re-entry Slide, and more!

4 thoughts on “Check Out the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando

  1. I’ve been here but it’s been years, it’s interesting to know how much it’s changed but still fun for the whole family.

  2. I’m personally not really interested in angry birds that much but at the same time the “Angry Birds Space Encounter” seems rather funny and entertaining an I think I would really enjoy it.

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