Consider the DC It All! Tour for a Comprehensive Tour of the Capitol

If you’re planning a vacation to Washington DC, there are so many ways you can enjoy the monuments, governmental buildings, and historic locations! But there are none as convenient as this one. The DC It All! Tour gives you the opportunity to enjoy the only comprehensive guided tour in the city!

This guided tour gives you the perfect opportunity to learn all about the history and trivia that surrounds the city and all that’s within. The professional guide also joins the group as you step off the bus, providing visitors with information about the site, the history of the area, and a unique look at the local history. Learn every important detail of each monument, and get the true DC experience! Not to mention, there are an enormous amount of monuments and locations at which the tour stops.

Starting at the Old Post Office, the tour will show you the best monuments and locations in DC, including this historic monument. Visit the US Capitol, where legislators conduct their daily business, and enjoy the stunning Washington Monument as it pierces the sky before moving on to the World War II Memorial, where you can pay tribute to those who have fallen in the past. Explore other memorials like the Jefferson Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean Memorial, and Iwo Jima Memorial. For lunch, you can enjoy one of two options depending on the season. During the spring and summer, enjoy a one-hour Private Yacht Cruise on the Potomac River, and during the fall and winter, you will visit the Pentagon City Mall for lunch and a quick shopping trip. Make a final stop at the White House for views of this stunning building before returning to the Old Post Office.

You can also enjoy sights of these locations from the vehicle:

  • Arlington Cemetery
  • FBI Building
  • National Archives
  • Union Station
  • Taft Memorial
  • Capitol Office Buildings
  • Washington Mall
  • World War I Memorial
  • Arlington House
  • National Cathedral
  • National Gallery of Art
  • National History Museum
  • Bureau of Engravings & Printing
  • Holocaust Museum
  • The Pentagon (fall and winter)
  • Theodore Roosevelt Island
  • Kennedy Center
  • Watergate Complex
  • Georgetown University
  • Naval Observatory
  • Dupont Circle
  • DC Waterfront

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