The Newest Biblical Times Theater Production, Coming in March 2014!

Join the Biblical Times Theater in Pigeon Forge for a fun and uplifting dinner show! Their newest show will feature Moses in the story “Moses’ Mountain of God,” an epic story with an epic feast of Biblical proportions!

This unique Biblical production combines live performers with amazing holograph technology and shows the story of faith and miracles as told through the eyes of Moses’ assistant commander, Joshua. The first half of the show has Biblical Times’ award-winning cast as they sing a variety of gospel songs and share their personal testimonies as you are served a seven-item feast! The second half presents a show with original music and holographic technology as you have never seen or heard before.

Take in the same lessons of faith that Israel learned in preparing for the crossing over into the Promised Land, which are the same lessons for Christians in their daily walk. The production, completely Biblically based, is taken from the King James Bible, and the theater has incorporated the latest discoveries about the actual site of Moses’ Mountain of God!

This awesome show will open in mid-March and last through October of 2014! Until the end of February, you can still catch the current show at the Biblical Times Theater called “King of Psalms.”

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