Book the Washington DC Attractions Vacation Package

You can enjoy some of Washington DC’s hottest attractions with the Washington DC Attractions Vacation Package, which included four nights in a hotel of your choice, Six Flags America, National Museum of Crime and Punishment, and the Taste of DC Trolley Tour!

Six Flags America

With over 50 rides ranging from thrilling to family, there’s more than enough to keep you and your friends and family entertained during your next DC vacation! Enjoy rides like Batwing, Superman: Ride of Steel, and Mind Eraser, as well as more tepid rides like the Ferris wheel and carousel. Don’t forget to visit the Looney Tunes Movie Town, where you can explore the skies in mini-airplanes, spin around in oversized teacups, or even soar away on a hot-air balloon ride.

National Museum of Crime and Punishment

For a unique experience, visit the Crime Museum, which features a range of displays and interactive exhibits focusing on the history of crime, punishment, and law enforcement from the time of pirates, the Old West, and medieval times through the present with DNA testing and more! You can walk through a life-sized police station, complete with a booking station, a police line-up, a lie detector test, an electric chair, a lethal injection machine, and a jail cell.

Taste of DC Trolley Tour

Take this trolley tour for a convenient and easy way to experience highlights in DC, like the Arlington National Cemetery, US Capitol, WWII Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, Martin Luther King and Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorials, and many more iconic locations!

Also, don’t forget your four nights’ lodging at your choice of hotel for a comfortable place to relax at the end of each night to truly enjoy your vacation.

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