Spooky Spots in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is not all sand and sunshine – the area actually has many more interesting and exciting features than just the beach! It even has a few places that aren’t quite normal, maybe even frightening. Don’t worry though; most of these places are more fun than scary!

On the Haunted Adventure, you can experience the fright of your life as you take in the art animatronics, high-tech special effects, and live actors for a scary time! As the story goes, the building that houses the Haunted Adventure was formerly a factory run by two men who mysteriously disappeared in the late 1800s. The locals avoided the place, associating the building with horrific events, and then the factory was purchased by new owners who dared those who are brave of heart to explore and see what they can find within the building! Hear yourself scream at every turn of your journey inside the dark building, and feel your heart race at the thought of what might be lurking in the next darkened corner with this awesome Haunted Adventure!

You can also stop by one of the five Ripley’s attractions in Myrtle Beach, the Marvelous Mirror Maze, which allows you to walk through a location that has hundreds of mirrors spanning from floor to ceiling for a challenge that is fun, frustrating, and a great bonding experience for the family all at once! The maze spans over 2,000 square feet with paths that lead to dead ends and surprising corners, and even crazy circles. Just don’t get too frightened, but since the area is couple with lighting and sound effects, it becomes even more confusing!

For a few actual legends and lore of Myrtle Beach, please visit here!

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