Haunted Holiday Tours in Savannah

Nearly every building in downtown Savannah is historic, and visitors admire the traditions of the south upheld by its citizens, but when the sun goes down, Savannah’s quaint historic charm fades and grim, ghastly tales of the past begin to make their way known. Savannah, Georgia is known as America’s Most Haunted City, and rightly so! War, famine, and voodoo have all had a go at this little land of Dixie and its untouched appearance screams of the past horrors and devastation that once visited the city. While visiting this historic town during the holiday season, be sure to check out one of these spooky haunted tours!

Hauntings Walking Tour

This 90-minute tour covers an entire mile of haunted Savannah sites, including three buildings and local graveyard. An experienced tour guide will lead you through some of the most terrifying hot spots for paranormal activity in the Savannah area. Walk past the Kehoe House, where hauntings have been reported by both staff and tenants. Next, you will visit the Hampton-Lillibridge house, a dark home where unexplainable events have occurred resulting in an authentic exorcism. After the Hampton-Lillibridge house, your tour guide will lead you to another home of unexplained paranormal phenomena—the Owens-Thomas house. End your night with a tour of Colonial Park Cemetery, home to voodoo practices and dark, sinister forces.

Evening Haunted Trolley Tour

Explore the haunted sights of Savannah on board a trolley! On your 90-minute guided tour, you will hear spine tingling ghost stories about Alice Riley, Nathaniel Green and Anna, the area’s hotel ghost. The trolley tour offers its guests direct pick up from their hotel, taking them to Savannah’s most terrifying haunted areas, with it’s final destination being the “Dead House”—a ghastly morgue tunnel that once housed bodies from the Yellow Fever epidemic.

Ghosts & Gravestones of Savannah 

Hop on board the Trolley of the Doomed for this chilling tour through haunted Savannah. An appropriately and “ghostly” dressed tour guide will take you past antebellum mansions and some of the bloodiest battlegrounds from the Civil War on this frightening trolley tour. Visit places like the Shrimp Factory, once a dungeon for tortured slaves, and the Marshall House Hotel, a dark and sinister building that once stashed amputated legs under its floorboards.

For more information about these ghost tours and others in Savannah, as well as places to stay, visit http://www.vacationsmadeeasy.com/SavannahGA/

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