Exploring Downtown Nashville

If you think all you’re going to see is country music attractions when you’re in Nashville, you’ll find that you are in for quite a shock! When you visit downtown Nashville, you’ll see more than just some great country western stars singing. Downtown, you can enjoy anything from fantastic shows and events to comfortable and luxurious hotels, even the unique shops, restaurants, and clubs lining the renovated Second Avenue Historic District!

Staying downtown gives you the opportunity to be within walking distance of some of the best attractions in Nashville, not to mention you have more access to the historic sections of the city! The stores along the Second Avenue Historic District are full of life, and during the evenings, you will find popular nightlife venues, including the world-famous Wildhorse Saloon, Club Milano, and several honkytonks, as well as sensational restaurants including the Hard Rock Café and Planet Hollywood.

Enjoy the unique historic architecture, night clubs, and restaurants, as well as the wide variety of quaint shops and boutiques. There are specialty shops and gourmet food and dining venues, souvenir stores, and more! The area is popular with visitors and locals alike, so be sure to spend an afternoon or evening exploring all there is to see along the unique historic district on Second Avenue!

If you’re unsure where you want to go or what is available, make sure to head over to the Downtown Nashville Chamber of Commerce. Their kind staff will helpfully pointing in the direction you like.

Activities available in the downtown area:

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