Take a Christmas Vacation in New York

With its towering buildings, busy streets, and countless attractions, New York City is an amazing and dazzling place – made even more beautiful by the holiday season, when it is transformed from something amazing to something magical and special! With the glow of millions of blinking lights, the city will dazzle you as you take in all the holiday charm. There are countless activities and special events that can be found from one end of the Big Apple to the other, and enjoy the many favorites like The Nutcracker at any of the city’s fine theaters for an enchanting and magical tale that children and parents alike will love.

Go ice skating at Rockefeller Center for a romantic evening of slips, falls, and laughs, and enjoy the beautiful lights that surround the Center as you dance and sway on the ice. Take a walk past the elaborately decorated, Christmas-themed window displays at the many shops that help make New York famous. These window displays have grown more and more amazing, employing the use of animatronics, light displays, and anything else that will the give the store an upper hand.

While you’re in the city, make sure to take a Holiday Lights Tour for a look at some of the most beautiful lighting displays in the world and views of Times Square, the Laser Light Show at Grand Central Station, and the stunning Rockefeller Christmas Tree, a huge spruce carefully decorated and illuminating the area in a warm glow. On this tour, enjoy the magnificent lighting and festive décor in some of the most popular locations in the city on a comfortable, heated motor coach through the city during the darkened evening hours.

4 thoughts on “Take a Christmas Vacation in New York

  1. I’ve heard it say that there is nothing like New York in the winter. Such a beautiful city when snow covers everything. And you could be there for weeks and never run out of things to do!

  2. I hear during christmas time in times square of New York is suppose to be amazing. Plus I have always wanted to travel to New York and I think seeing “The Nutcracker” would be really fun as well. Heck I would even try and go ice skating at the Rockefeller center, even if I don’t know how to ice skate…

  3. The Holiday Lights Tour sounds amazing! I couldnt even begin to imagine the beauty portrayed in Times Square during the holiday season!

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