Explore Historic Savannah

You can’t take a trip to Savannah without exploring the historic aspects of this beautiful city, so next time you’re in the area, make sure to check out these awesome touring options and activities to fully explore historic Savannah!

For a full experience, take a ride with this combo tour, which lets you explore with these different options: the Historic Trolley Tour, the Riverboat Sightseeing Cruise, and the Davenport House Tour, all of which combine to make this one amazing combination of Savannah’s historical charm! While exploring with these tours, you can explore the Historic District, Victorian District, River Street, City Market, Savannah River, and the inside of the Davenport House for a look at the historic area both by land and water. This diverse tour also gives newcomers a great way to delve into the historic city.

During the trolley tour, you can explore the city and take the opportunity to compare and contrast the city’s current environment with its atmosphere at the turn of the century. The trolley has a state-of-the-art monitoring system and will take you to River Street, Colonial Cemetery, Forsyth Park, City Market, and numerous other culturally significant areas.

On the riverboat cruise, you can climb aboard a replica paddle wheel boat, and enjoy an unforgettable tour of Savannah! And if you want to take a dinner cruise separate from the combo tour, that’s an option too, as Savannah Riverboat Cruises also offers a dinner entertainment cruise, complete with a delicious dinner buffet and live entertainment for dancing and sightseeing.

At the Davenport House, guests can get an intimate glimpse into Savannah’s southern charm and antebellum architecture. This house shows the deep history seeded into Savannah, as it is an immaculately preserved and restored colonial home, existing exactly now as it did when built in 1820. With this tour, you can get a real feel for how life was in that era thanks to period costumes, authentic furnishings, and fully equipped rooms featuring the exact kinds of accoutrements and items that would have been found in a family home during the 1820s.

Of course, the best way to round off the tour of historic Savannah is to take a peak at one of the Historic Savannah Theatre’s musical productions! Enjoy an incredible musical or comedic show to bring back the days of Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, and doo-wopping. Elaborate sets, beautifully designed costumes, talented actors, and state-of-the-art equipment join together on stage for an unforgettable performance that will take you back in time with sounds of the past!

2 thoughts on “Explore Historic Savannah

  1. Savannah is such a beautiful, historic city. It’s amazing all the things you will find there. All the tours, and just walking around the different squares you can see all the different architecture. It’s great!

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