Experience DC with an IMAX Movie

There’s nothing quite like seeing an IMAX movie while in DC, and experiencing the films playing at the IMAX Theater at one of the National Museums is always a treat! While you’re in DC next, make sure to stop by one of these awesome theaters for the full learning experience and explore the National Museums while you’re there.

At the Johnson IMAX in the National Museum of Natural History, you can see the world in vivid 3D action without ever leaving your seat. Explore the earth as it was millions of years ago when you see Dinosaurs 3D: Giants of Patagonia. You will be taken on an extraordinary journey into the world of the largest known dinosaurs and explore some modern day paleontological discoveries. Or take a trip down the Colorado River and learn about the awe-inspiring beauty and fragile state of one of the nation’s most iconic rivers with Grand Canyon Adventure 3D: River at Risk. For a heartwarming tale of love and dedication, see Born to be Wild, a film about the bond between orphaned orangutans and elephants and the people who rescue and raise them. Enjoy this state-of-the-art theater with the ability to show 3D and regular films.

Blast off into the far reaches of Outer Space, where you can explore and learn about the Solar System, all without leaving the theater at the Einstein Planetarium IMAX at the National Air & Space Museum! With Infinity Express, you can voyage through the galaxy, past the Milky Way, to the very edge of the known universe and back, powered by all-new digital dome technology. If you’re an avid stargazer or would like to know more about what you can see just by looking up, you’ll want to experience the Open Your Eyes to the Skies show. Using the Zeiss Via planetarium projector, staff members share the wonders of the night sky, pointing out visible stars, constellations, and other current celestial highlights.

At the Hazy Center IMAX at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia, you can soar through the sky and experience the fascination of flight! Whether you’re looking to tag along with a fighter pilot with Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag, explore the expanse of space with Space Station, or actually touch down on another planet with Roving Mars, the Hazy Center IMAX lets you do just that with three exciting films on a 5-story movie screen.

3 thoughts on “Experience DC with an IMAX Movie

  1. I would have to say out of all the shows listed I think I would be most interested in Dinosaurs 3D. Big screen, 3D and Dinos, how fun does that sound?! If not that then the Einstein Planetarium IMAX at the National Air & Space Museum sounds fun, I do enjoy space.

  2. I didnt know there was an IMAX theater in the Museum of Natural History. Defiantly goning to see a 3D movie when my wife and children go next year for Spring Break.

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