“The Art of Woman” Exhibit in New Orleans

Experience the beautiful art of critically acclaimed sculptor of public artwork and award-winning Mardi Gras parades Thomas Randolph Morrison as he presents his exhibit “The Art of Woman: A Sculptural Odyssey in Bronze.” This permanent public exhibit of gorgeous original new sculptures is located in New Orleans’ St. Vincent’s Guest House, a historical hotel just minutes from the French Quarter.

After three years of hard work and dedication, Morrison is displaying these fascinating sculptures for the public to observe and enjoy. Using classical sculpture technique and lost wax casting process, Morrison has created these mysterious sculptures of goddesses and heroines of classic antiquity, including Nyx the goddess of night, Penelope the heroic wife of Odysseus, and Kore the Queen of the Underworld.

You can enjoy these art pieces at St. Vincent’s Guest House all day, as it is free and open to public. Or you can also visit other places to see his other sculptures: Harrah’s Casino, the Children’s Hospital, the Audubon Nature Institute, and others!

Enjoy Morrison’s artwork, and start planning a vacation in New Orleans for interesting cultural activities like this and so many more!

3 thoughts on ““The Art of Woman” Exhibit in New Orleans

  1. sounds beautiful. I love anything with Greek Mythology and its nice to know it’s not always about shost and vampires in New Orleans!

  2. I was just in the French Quarter of New Orleans a few months ago, wish I could have waited a little bit so I could have seen the sculptures. Sounds like amazing pieces or art!

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