Family Fun in Williamsburg

If you’re taking a family trip to historical Williamsburg, be sure to stop at these awesome kid-friendly spots! While it may be getting a little too cold for Busch Gardens or Water Country, these fun activities will have your kids jumping for joy and learning too!

Uncover a variety of beautiful, strange, and bizarre things at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum, where you and your kids can indulge in the interesting sights from our world’s history. More than 350 exhibits are on display in the museum, including a 500-pound gorilla made entirely of nails, an 8-foot tall Transformer, a 1,000-pound Millennium Falcon, and genuine shrunken heads. Find lots of interactive exhibits on display that test the boundaries of illusion for hands-on experience with the oddities of our world.

Or take your kids to the Virginia Living Museum, an interactive learning center to stimulate knowledge, heighten awareness, and maximize an appreciation for the living world. You and your kids can walk through a native wildlife park, science museum, aquarium, botanical preserve, and planetarium and enjoy hands-on experience great for students and kids of all ages. Expand your kids’ minds and take them to one or all four discovery centers featured on the property.

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