Exciting Options in the Mount Rushmore Area

Take a trip to beautiful South Dakota and enjoy sights of Mount Rushmore National Park and the Black Hills that take up much of the area! Go for a tour of one of the many National Parks or Monuments in the state, and while you’re there, make sure to check out these cool ideas!

Take a ride on a 19th century train to experience travel the way it was on the 1880 Train, a completely restored authentic steam engine train! This steam engine will give you the full effect with its soul-stirring whistle, smooth powerful ride, and scenery of the gorgeous Black Hills that cannot be duplicated. If you really want the full experience, eat your meal the way they did in the good ole days with a box lunch, purchased from the Snack Shoppe before departure. Enjoy beautiful sights of a hill with a giant tin processing plant called Tin Mill Hill, an 1880s mining community that holds the Kennedy House called Kennedyville, a land of meadow and farmland called Battle Creek, and much more!

Near Rapid City, take a trip to the Journey Museum, which tells the story of the people who first shaped the area’s history and the scientists who study the Western Great Plains region. With major collections of prehistoric and historic significance, visitors are able to see dinosaurs, the Lakota peoples, the pioneers, and today for a fun and interactive exploration of the past! Learn about the Sioux and gain understanding of the history and culture of the Lakota Nation while you sit beside a tipi and listen to the tales and traditions from a storyteller. Visit an archaeological dig and view 10,000 years of artifacts from ancient hunters to the region’s first miners.

While in Rapid City, make sure to stop by the Festival of Lights Parade on November 30 to spark up the holiday spirit with this annual event, which brings over 30,000 people to downtown Rapid City for a dazzling nighttime event! Enjoy sights of glowing floats covered in thousands of lights, horse-drawn carriages, animated scenes on flatbed trucks, sparkling vehicles, animals adorned in holiday decor, marching bands, and even a full-size passenger locomotive with over 100,000 lights!

One thought on “Exciting Options in the Mount Rushmore Area

  1. I feel this would be a well educated and fun type of trip, although I think it is probably starting to get snowy… Maybe? ? 🙂

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