Parks and Attractions Near Mount Rushmore

Visitors to the Mount Rushmore area will be happy to know that there are several more sightseeing opportunities in store than a simple visit to the Black Hill’s infamous memorial! During your stay in South Dakota be sure to visit these equally fascinating and enlightening landmarks, all less than three hours of Mount Rushmore!

Wind Cave National Park
Located just one hour and 15 minutes from Mount Rushmore, Wind Cave National Park consists of 28,000 acres of breathtaking prairie and features the world’s sixth longest cave! Bison, prairie dogs, and elk roam the gorgeous hillsides and prairie lands at this amazing park. Giving the park its name, WindCave is known for its powerful winds that welcome you upon entering, and the complex passages that wait inside.

Devils Tower National Monument
Devils Tower National Monument is an impressive natural wonder just 2.5 hours northwest of Mount Rushmore. Infamous for the parallel cracks adorning its outside, Devils Tower is a rock climbers dream come true! This national monument is one of nation’s most astounding natural sites and should not be missed.

Badlands National Park
Attracting visitors from around the world, Badlands National Park is infamously known for its strong natural beauty. Containing some of the world’s richest fossil beds, the Badlands were once home to ancient animals such as the saber-toothed cat! 244,000 acres surround the beautiful prairie home to bighorn sheep, bison, and black-footed ferrets!

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5 thoughts on “Parks and Attractions Near Mount Rushmore

  1. I have always wanted to go to Mount Rushmore but sadly have never had the chance. These are also some good suggestions of things to do while there. Personally I would try an attend Sturgis as well.

  2. I think I would be most interested in the cave. Even though I’m afraid of the dark, it sounds like something that could help me with my fear. Plus, I’ve never seen prarie dogs before. Gotta see everything once in your life!

  3. I know that I plan to travel to this area very soon hopefully within the next year and half. My little family loves the outdoors and things like this! Thanks for sharing with me.

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