Great Ideas for a DC Vacation

If you want to make a trip to Washington DC in the near future, don’t fret! There are still fun and interesting activities to do even though many monuments and museums are closed. Consider enjoying one of these options while on your stay in DC!

Interested in crime and forensic sciences? Take a look at the Crime Museum, a unique museum with a range of displays and interactive exhibits focusing on the history of crime, punishment, and law enforcement from the time of pirates, the old west, and medieval times through the present with DNA testing and more! Test your Wild West shooting skills and try to break into a safe, experience the thrill of a high speed chase with the simulator, visit a computer hacking station, and test-fire a weapon at the FBI shooting range! Enjoy these opportunities and more!

You can’t go wrong with the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament! Travel back in time to Medieval Spain, where you will witness the Tournament of Knights as six valiant knights test their skills and compete for the hand of Princess Catalina! This exciting story is accompanied by high-energy performers, brilliant horses, and more features that will leave a lifelong impression!

To find more information about activities in Washington DC, visit our website!

One thought on “Great Ideas for a DC Vacation

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to medival times! My best friend went in california and she loved it all the interaction she has with the performers. So I definitely would love to do that sometime in the near future.

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