Spooky Haunts in New Orleans

Voodoo and ghosts in New Orleans are certainly not unheard of, and with Halloween looming only a couple weeks away, these ghostly tours of this Southern city are sure to pack a punch! Come join the masses and learn more about the haunted history of New Orleans. Take a gander through one of the city’s cemeteries, explore the French Quarter, and enjoy these intricate and sufficiently spooky tours!

On the New Orleans Haunted History Ghost Tour, you can explore the grim and ghastly deeds of the old French Quarter! Although most of the sinister events occurred a very long time ago, there are still ghosts and spirits lurking in the legendary Vieux Carre, which means “Old Square.” This tour lets you escape into the past as your theatrical tour guide crafts eerie, chilling, and fun-filled adventures! Visit sights of documented hauntings, ghosts, and spirits, and see the residences in which unbelievable events occurred!

For more information and history about voodoo in New Orleans, the Cemetery and Voodoo Walking Tour will show you the ghosts and ghouls of one of the city’s most haunted cemeteries, St Louis Cemetery No 1, and visit the tomb of the Voodoo Queen herself! The cemetery, the oldest and most famous of the three St Louis cemeteries, is the site of the classic film ‘Easy Rider’ and of course, the burial ground of Marie Laveau, the late Voodoo Queen of New Orleans! Learn the history of the famous and infamous cemetery residents, and hear spooky stories of the voodoo master herself! Get an in-depth view of the evolution of voodoo and its rites and traditions, many of them still observed!

The vampire enthusiasts out there will adore this New Orleans Vampire Tour, an hour-and-a-half tour that allows you to enter the dark and mysterious world of the undead! Experience the legends of famous New Orleans vampires, real and fictional, and visit sights and locations associated with these creatures of the night, including a visit to a noted vampire tavern! Follow your experienced guide into the dark realm of the French Quarter to find evidence of vampires there, and feel the thrill and excitement as your guide leads you through the mysterious and dark world lurking beneath the surface of New Orleans!

For more ghost tours in New Orleans, check out our website!

3 thoughts on “Spooky Haunts in New Orleans

  1. I so would love to try a nightly ghost tour it would be soo fun, but I think htats because Im very interested in the paranormal

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