Great Deals in San Antonio

Looking for great deals in San Antonio, TX? Check out these fun and interesting activities that are not only of great historical and cultural value, but also don’t break your bank! These tours and excursions are fun for the whole family!

The Institute of Texan Cultures provides its visitors with more than 26 ethnic and cultural backgrounds throughout 65,000 square feet of space! This institute is a true authority on the culture and history of the area as it traces the stories of immigrants from around the globe who settled in the territory and helped it grow and prosper. The exhibits focus on the diversity of the people and cultures in the state and how science and technology have affected the area and its people. Learn about the deeply embedded history and see the past brought to life through the living history section of this institute!

Another excellent tour and great deal is the Rio San Antonio River Walk & Cruise, which lets visitors take in the beauty and history of San Antonio with a 40-minute narrated boat tour along 2.5 miles of the famous San Antonio River Walk. Take in the sights of the Alamo, the San Fernando Cathedral, and more, and listen to the history behind the River Walk and of San Antonio itself. Enjoy art galleries, shops, and restaurants, and make memories on this fun and informative tour!

With the Battlefield Tour of the Alamo, you can relive one of the most iconic battles in American history! The battle of the Alamo was a heroic struggle against impossible odds, a place where men made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom! Learn the whole story with this battlefield tour, and trace the outline of the original fort as it was at the time of the famous 1836 battle. You can stand in the spot at the wooden palisade where David Crockett fought valiantly, and listen to the complimentary audio tour that provides a rich multimedia experience as you walk through the complex.

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3 thoughts on “Great Deals in San Antonio

  1. The riverwalk sounds so romantic, if only I had a bf to take me, because this sounds like something a hopeless romantic would be interested in.

  2. The is nothing more beautiful than the riverwalk at night during the holidays, the lights are amazing and all the shops and restaurants are so much fun!

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