Mt Rushmore Places to Visit During a Government Shutdown

Although the government may currently be shut down, closing off Mount Rushmore National Park and others, there are still plenty of other things to do while in the Rushmore area! Consider these ideas while we wait for the beautiful Parks and other national organizations to open to the public again!

For a one-of-a-kind experience, visit the Pioneer Auto Show and Antique Town! This rare and collectible car museum displays more than 250 classic cars, antique tractors, and motorcycles throughout 30 buildings, including Elvis Presley’s personal Harley Davidson! The antique town features an old general store with antiques, and the Zeitner Collection of Rocks, Gems, and Fossils is on display at the site. Come check out these awesome classic cars from a ’67 Mustang to a 1910 Harley Davidson! Learn more:

If you would like a more informative excursion, consider taking the guided tour at the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD. Here, you can visit a paleontology laboratory, watch archaeological films, and explore the Mammoth Site of Hot Springs to your heart’s content! This is the world’s largest mammoth research facility, where you can learn how scientists carefully dig for historic evidence and unearth the history behind the mammoths and how they shaped the lives of the people who inhabited the area at the time! See Ice Age fossils, special exhibits, a scientific excavation, and even the site where portions of the movie ‘Hidalgo’ was filmed! This tour is fun and educational for the whole family! Learn more:

Also consider traveling to Keystone, SD for the Holy Terror Mini Golf course, which is tucked away on the side of a pine-covered slope at the Presidential Wax Museum! This golf course was named after the last active gold mine in Keystone, and the course takes you on a wild adventure around huge boulders, steep hills, the mine slew, a water wheel, and a bubbling stream, making this 18-hole course both fun and challenging! Learn more:

For more information on Mount Rushmore tours and other activities, visit our website!

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