Unique Tours in Las Vegas

The stunning city of Las Vegas is home to many things – Elvis impersonators, impromptu weddings, brightly lit casinos, and much more – but it is also home to many strange things that you might want to know more about! Here are a few fun, interesting, and most importantly unique ideas for a vacation to the Neon City that will be a little different from your typical trips to casinos and Hoover Dam.

Check out this interesting Area 51 Photo Sightseeing Tour, which will take you to ancient Indian petroglyphs with a resemblance to aliens and to deformed landmarks and eerie settings! Any fans of the thoroughly unexplained will enjoy this amazing trip, where you can view top secret Janet Airlines, a fleet of unmarked jets that transport workers to and from the infamous Area 51. Be warned though – this airline doesn’t exist! Also, explore a nearby ancient, dry lake near the Indian petroglyphs, where recent UFO sightings have occurred! Drive along Extraterrestrial Highway and pick up information and souvenirs on this top-secret area before driving up to the absolute perimeter of Area 51 through a deformed Joshua Tree forest.

Or you can take the Gold Mine Tour through scenic El Dorado Canyon for a one-of-a-kind one-hour adventure that takes you on a guided tour above and below ground for a close-up look at the richest and oldest gold mine in southern Nevada, the Historical Techatticup Mine! First, explore the beautiful Colorado River, starting at the base of the Hoover Dam. Next, eat a delicious barbecue lunch in Old West Town, built on the remains of an 1800s mining camp, and then the tour continues into the mine to examine the working conditions of over 100 years ago. This fascinating tour is a great way to see the sights and learn more about the Vegas area in a short amount of time!

If you’re looking for a particularly fun historical treat, join the two-hour Vegas Mob Tour that reveals the sordid history of crime and mobsters in Las Vegas! This spine-tingling looking into the dark and mysterious side of the city begins with tales about the mob’s connection to the stunning Neon City. Visit the sites of murders, strange disappearances, and other mob activity occurred, and listen to your guide’s eerie tales about the darkest secrets of the city as he wears a pinstriped suit and fedora. Learn the truth about notorious gangsters, mob bosses, the Stratosphere suicide leaps, and many other puzzling Nevada mysteries – even visit the crime scene where Tupac was gunned down in front of a Vegas casino.

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4 thoughts on “Unique Tours in Las Vegas

  1. The area 51 sightseeing tour sounds AWESOME!!!!! I’ve never really been much into extraterrestrial stuff, but the way it desribes all the different places we get to embark on, really grabs my attention.:)

  2. I have been to Vegas many times but never heard of the Vegas Mob Tour, that is something I would love to do next time I’m there.

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