Airboat Rides in Orlando

The city of Orlando is best known for two things: the beautiful coastline and of course, the alligators that lurk around every corner! With fall officially here, the normal hot and muggy weather of Florida is on the way out, and it’s the perfect time to take an airboat ride through the Everglades or along Cocoa Beach to experience this fabulous weather and an exciting adventure in Orlando! What is an airboat? It’s a combination of a ship and an aircraft, fitted with an enormous propeller in the back, and it can take on any of the below adventures and more!

Try the Cocoa Beach Airboat Adventure for the ultimate Florida adventure! You will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful coastlines and go searching for some alligators to see up close and personal. After some time searching for and observing the alligators, you’ll head over to Ron Jon’s Surf Shop to experience the surf, beach, and active lifestyle opportunities they have available! This tour gives you the best of Florida and an exciting way to catch sight of some gators!

Also consider taking the Boggy Creek Daytime Airboat Ride, which offers one of the best ways to get an in-depth look at the natural beauty of the Florida Everglades and its amazing wildlife! You will see amazing sights like the bald eagle, blue herons, numerous deer, alligators, and many other varieties of aquatic birds. Not only that, but it is always exciting to blaze through the water and vegetation on an airboat, and this tour gives you that opportunity, as well as allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty and experience the adventure you crave!

If you’re considering something in the cool of the night, take a look at the One Hour Airboat Ride at Night, which gives you a unique opportunity to experience the swamps and spy the alligators. You’ll set out across the swamplands as the sun sets, on the lookout for the might reptiles that live in the swampy waters, and your airboat captain will wear a lighted miner’s hat so you can scan the waters for the red eyes of the alligators. Thrill-seekers will adore this trip through the dark swamps and will be thrilled with the knowledge that this is your best chance to see alligators in the wild!

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2 thoughts on “Airboat Rides in Orlando

  1. All of these sound like so much fun! I think I will definitely take my daughter on one of those airboat rides, what a great way to experience Florida!

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