Make the Most of Las Vegas Weather

Fall is one of America’s most beloved seasons. Crisp autumn air, brilliant colors, and of course, football, make this season a nationwide favorite but as we welcome fall with open arms, we say goodbye to summer and its warm weather. As the seasons change, don’t fret away the last days of these outdoor friendly temperatures! Las Vegas offers many exciting outdoor activities from the dusty trails of the McCullough Mountain range to the impressive high walls of the Black Canyon cliffs, and so much more! Take a break from the bright lights of the city and bask in what is left of these warm weather days with an exhilarating Las Vegas adventure while you still can!

Black Canyon River Rafting
There is no better way to enjoy the scenic beauty of Las Vegas than by floating along the calm waters of the BlackCanyonRiver. A knowledgeable guide will lead you through the splendor of BlackCanyon as they share with you the history and significance of the area, leaving you free to relax and admire the scenic beauty surrounding you. As you travel through the launch area at the base of the Hoover Dam, you’ll see the dam as very people have seen it, and you may even spot an osprey flying high above as you careen through the river before ending at WillowBeach.

Bootleg Canyon Zipline
Soar like a rocket from the top of a mountain with a Bootleg Canyon Zipline Tour! Take an aerial tour of one of the world’s most extreme mountain biking mountains, Red Mountain, and obtain a bird’s eye view of this remarkable mountain range! Offering the highest and maximum amount of safety, along with qualified guides, you will be left breathless after flying through the air! What better way to make the most of a warm Vegas day?

Dig This: Construction Playground
Leave the Tonka trucks at home and get behind the wheel of an 82,000 pound bulldozer! Dig This is an interactive, hands on chance to do something completely different on a hot Las Vegas day! Climb inside one of these magnificent pieces of machinery, and stack 2,000 pound tires, dig gigantic trenches, or play “bucket basketball”! The choice is yours, whether you prefer the impressive power of a bulldozer or the long neck boom of the excavator!  When the day is done, you’ll leave with a certificate of completion to show off your construction skills!

2 thoughts on “Make the Most of Las Vegas Weather

  1. Having lived in Las Vegas a few years back, I can vouch for the finally cool enough autumn weather to enjoy outdoor activities. Although I have never attended any of the attractions mentioned, all of them would be a great outdoor activity for a fall afternoon.

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