Birthday Bash Weekend at the Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville has been celebrating country music stars for more than 75 years, and these stars have come to the Opry stage to play their music in a terrific show. You never know when famous members will stop by, and the surprises are exciting! Now located in the Opry House, the Grand Ole Opry gives country music fans the opportunity to enjoy the brilliance and thrill of joining this great tradition of this live radio broadcast.

While any show at the Opry is a treat, October 4-5 is the celebration of the Grand Ole Opry’s birthday, which always makes for an exciting and entertaining show! Every year, the Opry honors all of the great things the show has done and introduced to the country community. Although this is celebrated throughout a whole month, the real celebration takes place during the Birthday Bash Weekend! During these two days, country artists come together to celebrate the Grand Ole Opry show with musical performances. Be prepared for some undisclosed special events and special appearances that can take place before the evening show!

This year, the Opry will be joined by Kathy Mattea and many more on Friday October 4, and by Casey James, Sarah Darling, Tate Stevens, and many more on Saturday October 5! Don’t forget to buy your tickets now! This Birthday Bash Weekend is sure to sell out soon!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Bash Weekend at the Grand Ole Opry

  1. This would be so cool! Not a big fan of country music, but if there’s a time to see the best, it’s the Birthday Bash!

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