Grand Canyon Adventures Along the North Rim

There is nothing quite as thrilling or exhilarating as touring the Grand Canyon and soaking in its magnificence. Whether you’re viewing the landscape up close during a walking tour or from the security of a helicopter, the views of this most impressive natural landscape are insurmountable. The season for making a trip to the Canyon is getting shorter though, as access to the North Rim closes October 15 and it is best to visit the South Rim before winter to avoid inclement weather. Luckily there’s still time for you to enjoy the beautiful Canyon before winter sets in and the North Rim closes for the season!

On the North Rim, you can experience the beauty and thrill of touring the Canyon from the comfort of the Majestic Helicopter Tour, which features a view of the South and North Rim near Grandview Point, showing the rocky terrain, plant and wildlife, and several ancient dwellings. This tour takes you 5000 feet above the Grand Canyon, flying along the beautiful Colorado River.

Visit on the Air/Land Safari, where you will experience a 30-minute helicopter tour over the widest and deepest areas of the Canyon and along part of the North Rim. Then meet your Jeep for a tour of the Kaibab National Forest, making a short stop at a fire watch tower. Afterwards, you can bask in the glory of watching the sun set along the rim of the Grand Canyon.

Experience the Dragon Corridor and many other geological formations with the North Canyon Helicopter Tour. Enjoy the comfort of this charming helicopter while you marvel at the Grand Canyon’s legendary beauty, and learn more about the history and sights with live and pre-recorded narration from the pilot. Make sure to have your cameras ready for this beautiful sight!

For more information on these tours and more available, please check out our website!

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