Washington D.C. Boasts History & Fun

A trip to Washington D.C. should be filled with history. Featuring iconic monuments, fascinating museums, and amazing history around every corner, Washington D.C. is filled to the brim. Check out some of our favorite stops in the historic city!

Mount Vernon and Old Town Alexandria Tour

On your vacation, see the city through the eyes of its most distinguished citizen – George Washington. The Mount Vernon and Old Town Alexandria Tour unveils Washington’s history as you’ve never seen in history books. First, make a stop at George Washington’s stately home – Mount Vernon. You’ll get the chance to see the beautifully kept main house, the outbuildings, slave quarters, kitchen, greenhouse, and gardens. Venture onto the Forest Trail for a breathtaking photo op of the city. Next stop is Christ Church at North Washington Street, which is the oldest Episcopal congregation in Alexandria. Built in 1773, the church is heralded for its intricate décor and breathtaking preservation. The church’s edifice was designed by James Wren and reflects the classic Colonial Georgian style that is prevalent in the area. The tour concludes with a bus ride throughout Old Town Alexandria and Fort Washington. You’ll love learning all about one of America’s Founding Fathers on this amazing tour. For more information about the tour, visit this link.

Monticello – Thomas Jefferson Country Tour

A quick bus trip to Charlottesville, Virginia takes visitors to the world of America’s third president – Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson began building the large plantation when he was 26 on 5,000 acres of land that he inherited from his father. He modeled the home after “modern” trends in French architecture that he discovered during his travels as the first U.S. Secretary of State. Even though the structure was completed by 1809, 41 years after construction began, Jefferson continued to work on the house until his death in 1826. Uriah P. Levy purchased the estate in 1834 and, being a huge admirer of Jefferson, chose to repair, restore, and preserve the home in Jefferson’s memory. Almost a century after Jefferson had passed, the estate was purchased by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation who continues to operate the home and its grounds as a museum and educational institution. Visitors are invited to see the home, which boasts a massive library, an ornate parlor, Jefferson’s bedroom and cabinet, and a breathtaking entrance hall, to name a few. The gorgeous house is a must-see stop in Virginia! For more information, visit our website.

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